Meditation for Beginners in 10 Steps (Part 2)

Calm and silent your mind

At this point, you are probably focused on your mantra or breath. Your mind is completely calm and you feel present in space, but your thoughts do not arise in your mind. You acknowledge your thoughts, but do not get attached to them. You only focus on your mantra or breath.

When you meditar-01should end your meditation

At the beginning of your practice, you should meditate for shorter periods of time like around five to ten minutes. There is no correct and proper time to meditate. As you get used to this kind of practice, you should meditate for longer periods. If you want then set up an alarm or count your every breath to end your practice.

How to end your meditation

When you feel ready to end your meditation practice, slowly bring your attention with full consciousness back to your surroundings and reality. Feel the space and time around you. Gently and slowly wiggle your toes, fingers, and then move the rest of your body. In the end, open your widely your eyes and take your time to get up.

Practice as often as you can

It is better to meditate just five minutes each day, than to meditate for an hour or more one or two days a week. That is because consistency is more important in yoga and meditation than quantity.

Practice everywhere you can

When you are a beginner, the easiest way to meditate is in quite space in your own home. However, as you become more and more comfortable, you start to meditate everywhere. One of the best places to meditate is in the midst of nature, because it can be very calming and peaceful. If you manage to meditate in your office or the bus, that can be great stress reliever.