Mediation Benefits for the Brain

Meditation decrebuddha-1425834_960_720ases depression

A study, which was
conducted in middle schools in Belgium on 13 to 20 year old students, involved more than 400 students. The study concluded and reported reduced indications of anxiety, depression and stress around six months later.

A study from the University of California concluded that meditation decreases dysfunctional beliefs and ruminative thinking.

Meditation helps treat depression in mothers to be

In a study of pregnant women who participated in a ten-week meditation and yoga training saw reductions in depressive symptoms, according to a University of Michigan Health System.

Meditation practices help regulate mood and anxiety disorders

More than twenty different studies confirmed and suggested that meditation is an effective way of treating anxiety and that is similar to antidepressant therapy.

Meditation reduces anxiety and stress

University of Wisconsin-Madison and its study concluded that the practice of Vipassana and other open monitoring meditation techniques reduce the grey matter density in all areas related to the anxiety and stress.

Meditation helps reduce symptoms of panic disorder

In a research, which was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, 20 out of 22 patients diagnosed with anxiety disorder or panic disorder had reduced symptoms after 3 months of meditation.

Meditation increases grey matter concentration in the brain

An experiment took place in Harvard, where 16 people were submitted to meditation course with guided meditations. At the end of the study, MRI scans showed higher concentration of the grey matter in the brain in the areas of memory, learning and perspective.

Meditation improves psycho motor vigilance, and may decrease sleep need

A study was conducted in the University of Kentucky, where participants were tested on different conditions: nap, control, meditation and sleep deprivation plus meditation. The results showed that meditation improves psycho motor vigilance and decreases need to sleep.

Long-term meditation increased gamma waves in the brain

The study on the University of Wisconsin found that meditation increased gamma activity in Tibetan monks.

Meditation helps with substance and alcohol abuse

There were three studies with Vipassana meditation, which suggested that meditation helps reduce substance and alcohol abuse.