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Yoga & Meditation Centers In Edinburgh

So many health fads come and go, but yoga has survived for centuries and is gaining

Yoga Centers in London (Part 2)

Special Yoga It offers many different classes for adults, but also provides a charity yoga therapy

Yoga Centers in London (Part 1)

Fierce Grace Similar to Bikram yoga, but it is not as sweltering, its postures flow more

Mediation Benefits for the Brain

Meditation decreases depression A study, which was conducted in middle schools in Belgium on 13 to

Types of Meditation (Part 2)

Concentration mediation Concentration is one of the focuses in every meditation, but in some, the focus

Types of Meditation (Part1)

There are many different types of meditation, beside those for spiritual growth, there are special meditations

Meditation for Beginners in 10 Steps (Part 2)

Calm and silent your mind At this point, you are probably focused on your mantra or

Meditation for Beginners in 10 Steps (Part 1)

Sit tall and comfortable This is the first step of meditation or the most common one.

London Calling, London Calling…

When you decide to take a break from your yoga sessions, to find some nice place